Use the blender blade to be the most durable

Blades are important parts of the blender. Therefore, if you do not know how to use the blade so sharp, durable, it is certainly more difficult to make cool vitamins. Please refer to the following instructions of Nguyen Kim to set the blade to stay with you longer!

Disassemble the blade properly

To disassemble the blade, read the instruction manual carefully before use. Almost every kitchen appliance has a detailed instruction manual attached when you purchase the product.


To disassemble the blade, you need to refer to the manual before doing

Removal: Open the base and the cup of vitamins. Using a knife attachment and observing the underside of the soles, a snail attaches the blade to the soles. Use the screw counter-clockwise and slowly take out the blade. To mount, you perform the opposite steps. Absolutely disassemble step by step instead of attempting to use a hard object to remove the blade from the jug.

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Preserve the blade

Although the blade blades are made from stainless steel, but not so that can soak the blame. For quick and proper cleaning, after each use you need to clean the machine immediately, do not soak and wait with the dish dirty dishes because the grease in the food will stick to the device makes cleaning more difficult.

Use the blender blade to be the most durable-

Wash the blender right after use instead of soaking it for hours in a dirty bowl to increase the difficulty.

Avoid moisture

Wet weather will cause the blender to quickly break down. Therefore, if you do not use it for a long time or do not have any cleaning, you will need to leave the equipment dry and place it in a dry place. It is best to disassemble the parts of the machine and place them in the carton when you return. That is why you should not throw away the packaging of household electrical appliances.

Use the blender blade to be the most durable-1

Store the blender in a dry place

Not self-sharpening the blade

Many sisters afraid of the blade will wear out after a long time of use should actively brush the blade. However, this does not bring good results.

Firstly, the blades of the blender are not too ferocious; they work on rotational speed and the effect of arranging the edges to fit the food is so sharp that it does not take up the requirement. Optimal.

Self-sharpening of the blade does not have the benefit of improving the life of the blade

– Second: sharp blades will make the user easy to break when cleaning equipment. It is best to choose a blender equipped with Quick Clean technology and detachable parts to make washing more convenient with the dishwasher.


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