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How to make smoothies summer fruits


The way to make fruit smoothies is simple with 8 summer smoothies such as: mango smoothie, banana smoothie, strawberry smoothie … How to make mango, melon and banana Material: – 1 piece of mango cooked. – 1 piece of golden apple nib – 1 ripe banana – 200ml of fresh milk without sugar – Some […]

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Top 7 foods should not be added to the blender


Blender is a familiar kitchen appliance, used to mix, crush, mash food. However, not all foods can be used with the blender. To ensure proper operation and longevity of the equipment, you need to avoid the 7 types of materials listed in the following article. Coffee beans You like the purity of coffee should or […]

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Use the blender blade to be the most durable


Blades are important parts of the blender. Therefore, if you do not know how to use the blade so sharp, durable, it is certainly more difficult to make cool vitamins. Please refer to the following instructions of Nguyen Kim to set the blade to stay with you longer! Disassemble the blade properly To disassemble the […]

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