Top 7 foods should not be added to the blender

Blender is a familiar kitchen appliance, used to mix, crush, mash food. However, not all foods can be used with the blender. To ensure proper operation and longevity of the equipment, you need to avoid the 7 types of materials listed in the following article.

Coffee beans

You like the purity of coffee should or grind the beans to make. Although the blender can still effectively melt coffee beans, but if used for a long time, the solidity of the grain will cause the blade to wear quickly and affect the taste of coffee.


The coffee beans have a solid structure so it is easy to burn the blades of the blender

If you love to sip and grind your own coffee beans every day, a simple coffee machine will help you better! With a good price, the coffee machine will bring you more pure taste and taste.

Gravy or frozen food

The blade and the durability of the device will be directly affected when you “defy” for large ice cubes or frozen food. With low-power machines, not only is the food not ground but also the blade is susceptible to damage.


Now there are so many ways to defrost food quickly so it will not waste your time, thus helping to grind with the device more efficiently.

To grind ice cubes, you need to break into smaller sizes or even stone before grinding to ensure the strength of the machine. As for frozen foods, you will definitely have to defrost and cut into small pieces before milling. You can use the microwave to defrost faster.

Whole spices

Blenders that are capable of grinding the whole kernel are usually accompanied by a dry mill. You should use this type of mortar to grind the whole grain, avoid mortar to grind the grain too small or too large because it can cause bad effects on the machine and the results are not as expected.


Choose the blender that comes with the blender if you regularly make spices


This is a common practice among many women. One thing that needs to be confirmed is absolutely no grinding, copper crab in the blender. Too hard apricot blades will damage the blade and cause electric shock.


To ensure the safety of the crab, you should use the traditional pestle, mortar and screening

Dried fruit

Because the dried fruit has a high adhesion, it will adversely affect the blade. If you are unwilling, you can still grind it but it is best to limit it, or you need to soften the dried fruit before putting it into the grind.



The fruit should be softened before grinding to minimize the negative effects


Starch in potato is very sticky, not only damage the blade, but also cause short circuit, fire explosion due to blade can not rotate. Only a large capacity grinder can handle these foods.


Choose a powerful blender if you have to regularly grind potatoes

Porridge, hot soup

Grinding the soup or hot soup with baby blender saves a lot of time, but also cause many unexpected effects. Porridge, soup too hot will lead to high pressure, the blade creates a fast rotation will make the lid easy to cause burns.


You can use a hand grinder if your baby needs to grind porridge or hot soup

In addition, grinding when the food is hot will lose the necessary vitamins. It is best to let it cool for 10 to 15 minutes before serving it in the blender, using a clean towel on the top of the lid to ensure safety. Note should not be too full, a moderate amount will give better results.


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