The best soup in the world, just look at the crave

Soup is one of the most delicious, nutritious food suitable for many ages and is popular with most diners in all countries in the world. Here are some of the most popular salads in the world.

Pepper soup

The soup is a lot of people love. The main ingredient is ground beef, tomato sauce can, chopped green pepper, a little brown sugar, a little salt, some spoonful of plastic rice and of course indispensable pepper. When the soup is nearly cooked add fresh chopped parsley. Enjoy this hot dish along with bread, ensuring guests will feel the sweet taste of pepper soup.

Pepper soup

Cheeseburger Soup

Beef soup, cheese is the soup sisters soul and the most children. Formulated with ground beef, butter, onion, carrot, celery and pomegranate. In addition to the soup also added a little basil, parsley dried to create a distinctive aroma. The broth is made with chicken, and in addition to salt, pepper and cheese, the ingredients are indispensable. There are also a few places to add some potatoes and sour cream to the soup to create a special flavor.

Cheeseburger Soup

Cheesy Ham Chowder

This soup is indispensable special in autumn and winter. Plate of bacon, onion, carrot, potatoes are all pomegranate. Soups include whole milk, wholemeal flour, water with spices like butter, pepper, salt, cheese … All make a great pot of soup.

Cheesy Ham Chowder

Cauliflower soup

Although cauliflower is a popular dish, it is equally attractive with the main ingredients including a large cauliflower, carrots, minced celery. Chicken or beef is okay. In addition, soup requires butter, multi-functional flour, cheese and some other spices.

Black beans 'n' Pumpkin Chili

It is quite strange soup but no less attractive. The ingredients for making this soup are quite picky with many kinds of olive oil, onion, sweet yellow peppers, garlic, black beans, pumpkins, tomatoes, chicken broth, turkey parsley, chili powder, a little oregano and a little salt. All these mixes are perfectly blended.

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Potato soup

Soup is popular in many countries because it is easy to eat, easy to make, attractive. Generally potato soup is available in many versions. But the bacon version is simple and quite appetizing. In addition to bacon, soup includes potatoes, carrots, onions, dried parsley, cheeses, chicken broth with fresh milk and spices such as pepper … Soup served with bread or hot rice, sweet great.

White bean soup and chicken

With a piece of chicken breast filtered out the skin, along with white beans, olive oil, salt, pepper, onion, garlic, dried oregano with chicken broth, cheese, butter, tomatoes and scallion. All mixed together into a delicious bowl of bean soup to please any diners.

White bean soup and chicken

The best Lasagna soup

All of the traditional lasagna flavors will spread to everyone in the warm meal with a lasagna soup recipe consisting of lean beef (90% lean), chopped onion, 2 garlic cloves, chopped 2 slices of beef tartar reduced to sodium, a little tomato sauce, 1 cup of frozen corn, 2 teaspoons of Italian spices, 2 cups of uncooked spaghetti and a slice of Parmesan cheese.

Chicken soup

Is the simplest and warmest dish. Chicken soup includes: 2 liters of water, 8 teaspoons of chicken butter, 2 cups of uncooked egg noodles, 2 cans of chicken egg soup, no dilution, chicken breast, 1 cup sour cream and fresh parsley puree

Tomato soup

Of course the main ingredient of this soup is tomatoes, but not so that the soup is reduced to loss of taste. Only with tomatoes, onion, garlic, olive oil, fresh thyme, fresh basil and seasoning without the meat, tomato soup still makes you feel its warm taste.


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