The benefits of a multipurpose blender that you may not know yet

Not only does it feature the ability to grind food or make a smoothie, but the grinder is also a “right hand force” to support the housewife in the kitchen with the accessories. If you do not know the built-in tools for more versatile grinder, please refer to the following article offline! Blenders for multipurpose mills usually have a capacity of 0.2 – 2 liters. Thanks to this equipment, you can easily grind foods of different weights.


The mill will help you to make a variety of soft materials in a short time

Apart from capacity, the mill is also very diverse in terms of capabilities. For example, the meat grinder can be used to grind shrimp, boned fish, mashed potatoes; Mill for grinding beans, pepper, garlic, onions, coffee …

Filter net

Housed inside a multifunctional grater, the filter grates help to eliminate pulp residues or fruit particles, giving the glass a smooth and delicious taste. After finishing the process, you can pour into the glass immediately without worrying about the residue.


Filter sieve helps filter the grain, the best residue

Filter bag made of stainless steel or plastic material, so you are completely assured of quality. At the same time, cleaning is easier.

Add more ingredients while grinding with small lid

Forget about something when you turn on the blender, you just open the small lid mounted on the miller lid and pour the ingredients into it. No need to shut down, saving more time.


Add ingredients quickly without turning the blender on / off

Cup of raw materials

Ingredients should be properly leveled so that the drink reaches perfect tasting. To do this, you can use the cup of material. With clear guides on the glass, you can easily calculate the right amount.

Get the right amount of ingredients to use with the measuring cup


Multipurpose blender is also equipped with stirring chopsticks to mix the ingredients, bringing the blending of your dishes.

The ingredients will blend well with each other thanks to the chopsticks

Waterfalls drip

Drip irrigation will be solved by using a pressurized faucet or can be moved upwards, thereby saving raw materials and maintaining hygiene when used.

Water faucet with lock helps prevent wastage from dripping

Non-slip base

A rubber-coated stand is provided beneath the grinder to keep the device standing on a flat surface without shaking or falling during operation.

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The non-slip base keeps the grinder stable on all planes

Turn off the power

When you get stuck, overloaded material or blade does not rotate … the blender automatically switches off to prevent damage.


Detecting problems, the blender automatically switches off the power to ensure safety

Safety lock

When you insert the miller into the correct position of the “lock locks” symbol, the machine will operate. When the mill is not properly aligned or the miller is in place of the “open locks” symbol, the machine will does not operate.


Failure to mount the machine properly will not start

Clean the mill quickly

Some types of modern grinders are equipped with self-cleaning function, fast mill cleaning. You only need to add water to the blender after use, press the button quick cleaning, the machine will automatically clean the mortar to save energy efficiency.


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