Soybean milk nutrition Pineapple leaves home cooking cheap

Instead of the usual way to cook plain soy milk, you can combine the same pineapple to make the aroma more passionate. The smell of pineapple leaves soften your mood.

Soybeans are one of the healthiest beans. Unlike other types of beans, tea is a good source of nutrients. Soy milk is also a recipe for soy milk.

Today, DIY recipes share soy-milk recipes so that they are delicious, retaining the richness of soy. Combine with pineapple leaves (sticky leaves) to make the taste more novel, more unique. When you cook, the aroma of the kitchen makes your mood easy. Take care of your family with nutritious drinks, and beauty of natural skin with soy milk offline.

Soybean milk nutrition Pineapple leaves home cooking cheap 1


– Soybean: 500 grams

– 1 pinch of pineapple leaves

– Water

– Sugar: 20 grams

– 1 pinch of salt

– Tools: Blender, pot, milk bottle, filter

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Step 1: First you clean the bean, put in the pot of water about 4 to 5cm. Stir lightly to clean, then pour water, add fresh water. Soak beans for about 6 hours until the bean sprouts. Wash and drain.

Step 2: Pineapple leaves clean and cut into small pieces.

Soybean milk nutrition Pineapple leaves home cooking cheap 2

Step 3: Put the beans and pineapple leaves in the blender jar, pour in water to two thirds mortar. Blend the mixture. Then pour the mixture through the sieve to remove the water. Mix the grist mill thoroughly. Take back the pieces, put in the mill with 2/3 water bowl and then continue to grind and sieve.

Tip: For faster and more efficient use, use a large pasteurized milk towel to sieve, then squeeze the water out.

Step 4: Put the mixture of bean into the pot, boil and then flush the fire. When the milk is hot and start to crumble on the surface you add a little salt, add sugar to taste, thaw the sugar can be enjoyed.

Enjoy a glass of pineapple soy milk with some crackers or sponges … provide the full range of nutrients you need to start a new day full of energy. If you like to drink a bit more sweet then you can add a little sugar or alum sugar nhé! Wish you success and delicious!


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