Should you drink beer and tomato juice and how you can make it?

Some people may surprise in the first time trying a beer and tomato juice that is a popular Mexican drink with another name “Chavela”. A glass of cold and refreshing Chavela is a fun twist on a bloody mary and will make your day be better. This drink should drink for on a hot sunny day or special occasion with beer and other delicious flavors that surely you and your guests definitely will love it.

What is a Chavala?

In Mexican restaurants, they have a so popular Chavela drink that mixed with beer and tomato juice, sometimes it is called an appetizer if is served with a garnish. It is also made from others ingredients such as Clamato, or Vegetable Juice (V8) that is mixed with beer, seasoned and hot sauce (like Tabasco, Tapatio, or Búfalo).

Not only Mexican people feel proud of their Chavela juice but also Canadians have the same drink, but the difference name “Beer and Clam” or just a Red Eye.

Should you drink beer and tomato juice and how you can make it? 1

How to make a Chavala?

To make a glass of Chavela it’s not difficult, so today we will share with you how to have a delicious beer and tomato juice. Actually, this drink is quite easy to make and taste, especially it’s good on a hot sunny day, so you don’t worry to start.

Here is the secret Chavela recipe that you can allow easily:

First of all, to have great a truly Chavela like a Mexican, you should prepare these below ingredients:

  • Chavela (Mexican Bloody Mary)
  • Author: Cyndi
  • Serves: 16-ounce drink
  • Prep time: 5 mins
  • Total time: 5 mins

And then following this recipe (You can change tomato base juice instead of a clamato juice and it’s ok):

  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 1/2 cup clam juice (Clamato juice)
  • 12-ounce Mexican beer (like dos equis)
  • 1/2 teaspoon Tapatio hot sauce
  • 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
  • 1-16 ounce cold beer glass
  • Finally, it’s garnished with salt and lime

Should you drink beer and tomato juice and how you can make it? 2

Ok, now we will take tea together by:

  1. Firstly, you will take half a lime, then spread around the rim of a cold beer glass. Don’t forget to sprinkle salt on the rim of the glass,
  2. And then you will add first five ingredients to the cold beer glass
  3. Finally, top with beer, garnish with lime and enjoy your fresh Chavela!

When you taste a first little bit of Chavela juice, it is like a fun twist on a bloody mary. Yes, it’s truly FUN twist and that’s the best way to describe this drink. And if you don’t know, I can say that it uses beer instead of liquor which make sure your juice be better even if you’re not a big liquor person, but definitely bring in beer and wine you will be sold!

Should you drink beer and tomato juice and how you can make it? 3

Remembering that Chavela’s also use clamato juice, so its flavor will be lighter and may not make you feel full. To truly enjoy, you should add some the lime juice, hot sauce and Worcestershire sauce in this drink. After all, you will have one delicious and amazing drink that never forget!

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You can make this drink with whatever kind of beer you have on hand. In that case, you need to buy some beers just for this drink, we suggest that you should get a Mexican beer like Dos Equis. For the Chavela, what kinds of beer are key and it depends on what formula you choose. At a certain point, the Chavela start to resemble each other, especially if you’re using Bloody Mary mix in your Red Eye (Worcestershire also adds umami). Perhaps the main difference then is that the Michelada has a salt rim. And this recipe is exactly how Mexicans taste it!

Should you drink beer and tomato juice and how you can make it? 4

In addition, you can add more or less hot sauce that depend on your sense. We recommend that you should try this particular recipe if it’s your first time ever drinking a Chavela juice. Maybe the first experience make you feel WOW’ed that is strange feeling but quite interesting, and this recipe also will wow you like that.

Let’s cheers to it being Friday and all special days. Remembering that taste the beer and tomato juices when you’re planning for your party or in need of a nice cold beverage. This drink definitely blow you and your guess soul! Let’s enjoy it!



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