Mix grapefruit juice so properly

Preparation materials
– Grapefruit: 1 fruit

– Syrup Sugar: 100 ml

– Fresh lemon juice: 10 ml

– Ice

– Juice tools: fruit juicers, fruit cutters, glass cups, shakers, spoon …

Grapefruit juice is not a hard drink to make but note some points to the grapefruit juice after the finish is not bitter, not water splash.

Grapefruit has long been a favorite fruit especially for women, not only because of its natural sweet taste, but also because it contains many vitamins, which are good for health, especially vitamins. C, help rejuvenate the skin and effective weight loss effect. In addition, along with frequent drinking kiwifruit juice and honey orange apple juice, drinking grapefruit juice also increases the body’s resistance. Grapefruit juice is a drink that helps to quickly absorb nutrients from grapefruit.

Mix grapefruit juice so properly 1

Guide to making grapefruit juice properly

Step 1: Grapefruit pick strong, heavy hand, peeled, remove the white pulp, split into segments, thoroughly clean the white membrane around the shrimp, remove all seeds to avoid bitter juice, split citrus pomelos .

Step 2: Put the grapefruit into a clean bowl, marinated with a little sugar or sugar syrup so that the grapefruit juice is beautiful, pure taste, not harsh.

Step 3: After marinating grapefruit 20 minutes or so as good as the press, squeeze the juice. Grapefruit juice exudes a glass or bowl containing 10 ml of lemon juice. If you do not have a press, you can use a blender and then grind it to remove the juice from the pulp.

Step 4: Add grapefruit juice and 70 to 100 ml of sugar syrup into the jar. Add the ice cubes, shake them until they are cold, then pour the drink into the glass. Decorate with some basil or a lemon slice as you like.

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Mix grapefruit juice so properly 2


When you grapefruit grapefruit you can taste the grapefruit to know the grapefruit or sweet and adjust the amount of sugar to the right.

The recipe for this juice is only for one serving, depending on the number of users you can add more ingredients to make the appropriate mix.

So you have finished the cup of grapefruit juice is standard, not bitter, fresh color, especially not separated from the water when leaving for a long time.


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