Mistake when processing vitamins and vegetables

Vitamin C is actually good for you, but if not consumed properly it harms you.
Taking fruit smoothies or green vegetables is one of the easiest ways to add essential nutrients to your body. However, if you do not use them properly you will not get the benefits of vitamins.

1. You add too much fruit to a glass of fruit juice
You should remember that there are fruits that contain lots of natural sugars, and too much fruit means too much sugar. Although the sugar in the fruit is natural, they still increase your blood sugar and can make weight loss more difficult. So when making vitamins, you should use low-sugar fruits such as berries or watermelon and limit the amount of sugar or too much fruit (only 1-2 fruits, vegetables together) into. one cup.

Mistake when processing vitamins and vegetables
2. You do not add healthy fats

According to Boldsky, making full of vitamins and fruit rich fruits and vegetables is good but then you forget the fat content in it. Vitamins are fat soluble and are best absorbed in the body when you add foods such as butter, flaxseed, rapeseed, chia seeds, eggs, nuts, yogurt and many other things.

3. Do not add fiber to the cup of vitamins
Protein is not the only thing that helps you feel full throughout the day, fiber is also very useful. One study found that with only 30 grams of fiber added per day, you can lose weight effectively, reducing the amount of saturated fats exactly as prescribed by the Heart Association. USA. Common sources of fiber are dark green leafy vegetables, such as kale, along with mulberry fruit. These green leafy vegetables are fortified with no added sugar or calories. Your element.

4. Too little or too much protein

Protein in vitamins is important for providing energy as well as nutrition for the body. However, too much protein or too little may make you feel too full or too hungry. Adding the protein to your vitamins does not mean you’ll add some meat to your diet. Vegetable protein is used for vitamins, such as nuts, raspberries, or protein powders if you like simple. Milk is also a good choice, although you should avoid almond milk because it contains very little protein.

If you drink a glass of peanut butter, yogurt, fruit, you are loaded with too much protein; On the other hand, if you mix ice with fruit, almond milk for vitamins is really very low protein and when taken you do not get the inherent benefits of these fruits.

Mistake when processing vitamins and vegetables 1

5. Make a large glass of vitamins

Many people think that drinking fruit juice combined with fruits and vegetables will consume less calories than eating a regular carbohydrate diet. However, not all vitamins contain low calories. Some vitamins even contain more calories than a full snack, and so you’re consuming more calories than you think, and will be “counter-productive.”

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You can sip a glass of smoothie like a snack before eating without realizing that its energy is equal to a meal. Do not give all the ingredients you like to the smoothie, and try to make your smoothies a bit thicker instead of thin (because dilute vitamins are easy to drink and you can drink more than you need). A good healthy diet is a vitamin that does not contain more than 300 calories and you should try to make less vitamins than you can normally do.

 Mistake when processing vitamins and vegetables 2

Adding sugar to your smoothie just makes your desserts less nutritious and contains more calories. And this will undoubtedly ruin your weight loss plan. If you really can not tolerate the natural flavors of veggies, there are plenty of alternatives to sweeteners that can still boost your taste buds like cinnamon, salt or lemonade.
Or if you add some water to the fruit juices or milk, chocolate, replace it with coconut milk, water or almond milk.


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