Juice Plus Complete: Losing weight in a healthy way

In modern life, Obesity and Overweight are growing as the global health problem. The most concerning thing is that, nowadays, we keep eating increasingly cheap, junk food that are high in things like salt, sugars or fat. Also the lack of physical activity, office lifestyle and the changing modes of transportation are making obesity more common too.

Of course nobody wants to be fat. Besides the beauty problem, overweight and obesity increase the risk of Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and some cancers such as endometrial, breast or colon. However, unluckily it’s very difficult to lose weight and extremely difficult to lose weight healthily. In the battle to make your body run better, one of the best way is to eat healthily, with more fruits and vegetables, which are known to be the best and second best food groups that contribute to better health. And at the third place, in our opinion, the bronze medal belonged to a product which is claimed to be  “the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.” It’s named Juice Plus Complete.

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What is Juice Plus+ Complete?

Juice Plus Complete is a product of Juice Plus+, a company which offered dietary supplements containing a much wider variety of naturally occurring vitamins, along with antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables. Juice Plus Complete is divided into 2 categories: Complete shake mixes and nutrition bars. In this article, we’ll focus only on the shake mix.

The Juice Plus Complete shake is a whole-food-based beverage mix, containing nutrient-packed pumpkin and pomegranate powders, super-green spirulina, sprouts and ancient grains like quinoa, millet, and amaranth. This drink come in 2 delicious flavors — French Vanilla and Dutch Chocolate. It’s low on the glycemic index, gluten-free and non-dairy. It can be used as a quick breakfast, pre-exercise and post-workout drink or sometimes a snack. You can mix the shakes with water, juice, milk, or non-dairy beverages. Sometimes, prove your creativity having no limit by blending fresh fruit or vegetables into the shakes. Nothing is impossible with Juice Plus Complete shake mix.

To summarize, Juice Plus Complete shake mix is a nutritional drink, suitable for Dietary Restrictions that mean you can use it as a meal replacement on your diet plan.

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Lose weight healthily with Juice Plus Complete

And now, we come to the most important part of this article: The plan to return to a healthy weight, bring your dream to life.

Firstly, understand your body. To satisfy your body in long-term, what needed is protein and complex carbohydrates from superior food sources, critical to health, body fuel and hunger satisfaction.

The fact that there is a portion of the cells in your brain will only use carbohydrates as fuel. The bad thing is, in an extremely low carb diet, your brain will cannibalize itself for the carbs that it needs. Eliminating the white sugars, flours, or overly processed foods, sounds great, but it will be dangerous to eliminate your fruits and vegetables. The solution is Juice Plus Complete to have the nutrients, protein, and fibres of fruits, vegetables, and grains with low amount of sugar within.

Drink the shake daily, use it as a replacement for breakfast, lunch or dinner, whichever is suitable for your lifestyle.  Starting on the Juice Plus Complete shake, no surprise if you sometimes feel like “I want to chew something”. Take it easy and find something healthy such as a banana, an apple or a light sandwich. It will not break your plan and, soon, as your body starts get used to it, you’ll find the shake is totally enough.

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To drop weight faster, let’s try alternating a 1-shake-day with a 2-shake-day. On the 1-shake-day, replace either lunch or dinner, then on the 2-shake-day, replace breakfast and 1 other meal.  Make sure that your meals are filled with fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains.

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Keep in mind, your body need to be fueled at regular intervals. Twice a day eat a small healthy snack, like a piece of fruit or, the Juice Plus Complete nutrition bars. It’s great for body and it will keep you in good condition for your daily life.

And here, a really crucial factor for success, try very hard not to eat anything at least 3 hours before going to bed. It is a really huge challenge but you must remember that snacking late at night can lead to weight gain, destroy all your efforts.

At last, we hope you’ll have a successful diet with Juice Plus Complete. Don’t forget to spend some time to go out and doing some physical activity. One day, weight go, muscle come, things will get better.

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