How to make the most nutritious tomato

Tomato juice is a good drink for health. You can quickly make a way to make tomatoes at home with the following guidelines.
Vitamin C is generally a nutritious drink recommended by health experts on a regular basis. You can make vitamins from many different kinds of fruits.

In particular, tomato vitamins are loved by many people because of the fresh, delicious taste. Tomatoes are cheaper than many other fruits so you do not have to think about.

However, not everyone knows how to make delicious, nutritious tomatoes. Here you will get the recipe for this perfect dish!

Ingredients for tomato

Tomatoes are ripe: 2 fruits
Milk without sugar or sugar: 300ml
Honey: 1 Tbsp
Fresh lemons: 1 fruit

How to make the most nutritious tomato 1

How to make delicious tomato

Tomato processing
Step 1:
Tomatoes removed the knob, washed and then drained and then using an X-shaped sharp knife at the bottom of the tomato.

Step 2:
Boil a pot of boiling water and let the tomatoes in about 2 minutes. This method of making tomato smoothies makes it easy to remove the tomato peel.

How to make the most nutritious tomato 2
Step 3:
Grab the tomato shells and slice them in a bowl.

Blend tomato
Step 4:
Cut lemons, squeeze the juice and put in tomato bowl mix up.
Step 5:
Put tomatoes, fresh milk, honey into the blender and grind it.

Depending on the taste you can reduce the amount of lemon juice, honey. If you prefer sweetness, you can give more honey.

How to make the most nutritious tomato 3

It takes just over 1 minute to turn on the blender, you get a delicious, nutritious tomato juice. Pour the vitamins into the glass, decorate with some mint leaves, sliced ​​tomatoes to make the dish more attractive.

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What is the effect of tomato vitamins?

This question means that many people: Take tomato smoothie every day is good?

Undoubtedly, this is the vitamin you should use regularly. The reason is, tomatoes bring a variety of good health benefits such as:

Enhance eyesight.
Preventing cancer such as: Prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, colon cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer …
Therefore, tomatoes are good for both women’s health as well as men’s eyebrows. Frequent smokers should not ignore tomato vitamins.

Make your bones stronger because tomatoes are rich in calcium and vitamin K.

How to make the most nutritious tomato 4
Makes your hair stronger and smoother.
Skin lightening, minimizing oxidation. So, this is the kind of vitamins that middle-aged women can not ignore.
Tomato contains honey, fresh milk – two popular skin beauty. Therefore, the regular use of this drink will make your skin younger and smoother.

Promotes good sleep, reduce stress effectively.
Effective weight loss support.
If you are wondering how to make weight loss tomatoes, just use fresh milk without sugar in the ingredients. Honey contains natural sugar, not fat when using a suitable amount each day.


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