How to make fresh green vegetable juice

Preparation materials

– 50 grams of coriander

– 100 grams of spinach

– 1/2 lemon

– 2 apples on average

– 6 large celery plants

– 1 fresh ginger

– Tools: fruit juicers or blenders, filters, glass cups, knives, chopping boards, baskets, etc.

How to make fresh green vegetable juice 1

Green vegetable juice enhances your health in a variety of ways. They provide a source of minerals from nature and help replenish the necessary vitamins, most of which have a strong influence on the body’s nutritional system. To prepare the vegetable juice you just prepare celery, spinach, cucumber, lemon, ginger, coriander … and a blender. The process of making green juice is also easy and quick.

Before going to the tutorial on how to make green vegetable juice, let’s teach the brewing process through some of the useful benefits that we will get when using this healthy drink.


The first source of nutrients in green juice is fiber. Fiber helps digestion, prevents constipation and helps you control your weight as they fill up your appetite and reduce your appetite. Fiber also plays an important role in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer .

How to make fresh green vegetable juice 2


Green juice is rich in chlorophyll and they are used to help eliminate toxins, prevent cancer from the toxins in the body, clean the digestive system, help eliminate excess waste. Chlorophyll also increases oxygen transport in the body and is a top nutrient to help balance the body’s pH by helping to reduce acidity.

Chlorophyll helps to provide vitamins, minerals that are essential for the body, good for the digestive system. It also improves resistance, boosts the immune system to help prevent and treat many diseases effectively, anti-aging and wrinkle reduction.


Antioxidants help prevent or prevent cell damage caused by oxidants. Oxidation is the free radical that you find in the environment, but they are also produced naturally in the body each day. The body creates them to help fight viruses and bacteria, but if your body has too much, they can cause serious damage and contribute to some cancers and heart disease.

How to make fresh green vegetable juice 3

How to make green vegetable juice

Step 1: Green apple, washed, drained and chopped 8. Clean vegetables, remove damaged parts, cut into pieces. ½ lemon juice extracted.

Step 2: Put all the ingredients in the blender. Add some water, cover the lid and start the machine to mash the mixture.

Step 3: Filter through the sieve several times to get smooth smooth muscle.

Step 4: Pour in the glass and enjoy.

With many great uses and simple ways to do it, you do not have to immediately make a cup of green vegetable juice to enjoy and nourish the whole family. Wish you success and delicious with how to make green vegetable juice we just shared.


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