How to make a smooth, attractive aroma

Orange juice is a raw material to make drinking water familiar but have you ever tried orange smoothie yet? Turn orange eyelid you are very delicious but orange flavor is much more attractive.

With its natural, mild sour taste, it blends in with the sweetness of the milk to create the perfect orange smoothie. Please refer to how to make the following delicious orange smoothies.

Ingredients for orange smoothies

  •  2 fresh oranges
  •  1 box of yogurt
  •  100ml of fresh milk
  •  2 tablespoons condensed milk
  •  Stone grind

Fresh orange to make vitamins

How to make delicious orange smoothies

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Step 1: Add one of the orange squeezed through the sieve to remove seeds, water, 1 fruit to separate the citrus, remove the fiber, only the orange.


Squeeze the orange juice, remove seeds

Step 2: Add orange juice, fresh milk, orange shrimp, yogurt, condensed milk and ice cream to the smoothie.


Add the shrimp to the vitamin

Step 3: Fill the cup and enjoy it. If you want to make your fresh orange cocktail look more eye-catching, you can cut a slice of orange juice into a glass.


Aromatic orange scent, nutritious

Is it simple to have a nutritious drink for the summer? Drink orange juice regularly.

Good luck!




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