Get creative with the versatile hand-held blender

As both “speed” and “quality” all score 10

The BlueStone BLB-5275 multifunctional hand-held blender with a slim, luxurious design, body and blade is made of 304 stainless steel, durable and healthy. Works with high power 800W whatever the material, the sisters can be easily smoothed with just a few gentle hand movements for a few seconds. Instead of re-checking the material’s consistency as traditional blenders, we can now actively control the hand grinder for faster and more efficient blending in one operation. The blades are designed with a round head, which helps prevent food from splashing during operation as well as avoiding the impact of the blade on the mill.


BlueStone BLB – 5275 Multi – Function Blender with a wide range of accessories for a great variety of dishes.

Convenient but still very versatile

The first impression when using the BlueStone BLB – 5275 portable blender is that it is easy to handle and easy to operate. Users do not need much power to achieve the finished product. Besides, the convenient accessories such as meat grinder, smoothie, egg whisk … help you to “customize” meat grind, grind vitamins, porridge, soup … easily. Plus, it does not take up much space, so it’s easy to carry or carry with you. Mothers who are suffering from headaches for the preparation of baby food for long journeys can carry the blender as a convenient luggage.


The BlueStone BLB – 5275 multifunctional handheld blender offers users easy – to – grip and easy handling.

Previously housewives were very hesitant to use a blender for table cleaning because of hygiene, washing machine complex. That is not to mention families with children or elderly people, in one day will need to use the machine several times if you want to process more food, drink, washing the miller more or less. Perhaps this is a “bright spot” to help BlueStone multifunction handheld blender score. Thanks to the special design of the machine, the cleaning of the machine is quicker and more convenient, just dip the knife into a single shade of water, the second button is 2-3 times the machine is clean. .

Indispensable tool for every kitchen

If men love sports, conquering food is a favorite with women. Today Vietnamese housewives are busy but still want to make good meals for their family, while ensuring hygiene and nutrition. BlueStone Multifunction Handy Blender is an indispensable tool in every kitchen, helping you to create creative, rich and fast food more quickly and easily than ever.


The BlueStone BLB – 5275 Multifunction Blender offers you the freedom to create delicious food.

Morning sprints with no time is no longer a nightmare. She can still quickly grind a bowl of nutritious porridge for her child still prepared to prepare to radiate to work. Imagine, in hot summer days, friends come to play house will enjoy when the hostess chopped fruit into a glass of fresh and cool vitamins in just a few minutes. Late in the afternoon, she easily prepared a light dinner with a delicious vegetable soup without sweat sweat in the kitchen.

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With the BlueStone BLB – 5275 portable blender, which is highly effective, whenever it comes to trying something new, they can roll right out of the box. half. Then, cooking is the journey filled with endless joy that every woman deserves to enjoy!

The BlueStone BLB-5275 multifunction handheld blender

  • High power 800W, easy to grind food in just a few seconds.
  • Multi-function: Blend, grind meat, beat eggs at different speeds.
  • 304 stainless steel blade design and finish, durable and safe for health.
  • Easy to disassemble and clean.
  • Handy with a wide range of accessories: meat grinder, smoothie, egg whisk and wall hook.

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