5 ways to fried foods to avoid toxic

5 ways to fried foods to avoid toxic

If fried food properly, your dish not only reduce the nutritional value but more delicious.
Although fried foods can definitely make them much better, it also carries a lot of potential for reducing nutritional value, affecting health, if not properly processed.

However, here are some tips to help you fry healthy foods without worrying too much about your health.

1. Use olive oil

According to Life Hack, olive oil is probably the best oil you can use to cook fried, fried foods, even when cooked at high temperatures. So it’s more stable than other animal oils, such as corn, soybeans, sunflower … that means you can use it longer than other fried oils. , but still maintain its quality and nutrition.
When choosing to buy oil, should choose the type with the words “Virgin” or “Extra Virgin”. These words indicate that this is a natural extracted oil, less chemical.

5 ways to fried foods to avoid toxic

Therefore, when frying cooked foods, it takes a long time, you should use olive oil to maintain nutritional value and quality of food.
2. Use new cooking oil

It is important to make sure that the cooking oil you use for frying is new (not used fried or cooked other foods). If you use old oil that has been crushed, the food will burn quickly and lose all nutrients.

Some ways that can help keep your food tasty and maintain your nutrition are to remove oil burns and replace old oil.

 3. Use gluten-free flour

The use of fried dough is very important in enjoying the food without harming the health. Most of the fried flour contains gluten, which helps the food stick to food, but they also absorb much oil.

Instead of using gluten-rich flour, choose gluten-free or gluten-free flour, such as cornstarch or rice flour.

5 ways to fried foods to avoid toxic 1

4. Use baking soda to fry

Another popular way to improve fried foods is to use baking soda in combination with fried flour. The bubbles of baking soda generated during frying, will help reduce the oil absorption in the food. Before frying food through the dough, mix a little bit of baking soda into the flour.
Incorporate this method with gluten-free flour components to promote a delicious and healthful food powder for your foods. Also buy Baking soda used in food processing (ie pure, you can buy in pharmacies, where selling bakery equipment with reputable firms).

5 ways to fried foods to avoid toxic 2

5. Maintain stable temperature when frying

One thing that most people fail when trying to maintain stable oil temperatures during frying food. We probably will not surprise fried, fried or cooked temperatures that affect the nutritional value of the dish, so the ideal temperature is about 162-204 degrees Celsius. If your frying oil is not hot enough, the food It’s not going to be fast and will absorb more oil.
Another tip for fried foods does not affect the nutritional and health benefits of using deep frying pans or pots instead of shallow frying pans to maintain a steady state of the oil.

And note that fried food should be left on the oil-absorbing paper to absorb excess oils that stick to the food surface. Just a few tips but you will not be afraid to eat fried foods, fried anymore.


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